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We are officially able to accept all 3M digital impressions.

If you wish to connect, please find instructions below.


As a 3M Lab Partner, we are able to manufacture complete restorative work, a range of different splints, clear aligners for discreet orthodontic treatment, crown and bridge work, as well as many other appliances.

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connect to bdl via 3M connection center

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Submit to bdl via 3M

For this scanner, ensure you purchase the package (Advanced Data Plan) that allows the exportation of STL files. 

If you don’t have this version, you will not be able to export STL files.


Please contact 3M to find out more info.

1. Scan the Upper & Lower Arches, aswell as a bite.

2. After finishing the bite, the files will upload to the 3M system and you need to select "Prescription". 


  • In the "Date requested" field, choose the current date.

  • In the "Lab" field, choose: STL Only (No Models).

  • For the "Restoration" type choose: Models and Appliances. (Note: If any other indication is selected, the user has to complete 2 arch scans and a bite.)


3. To access/upload the STL files, you need to log in to the 3M Connection Center.


  • Under the tab "Cases" select the specific case by clicking on the case number.

  • Once in the selected case, select the tab "Files" and download the "Open STL" only to obtain the .STL files of the individual scans.

For assistance please call 01202 486113 or email scan@bridgedentallab.com

01202 486113        


Company Registration No

Daryl Wheeler MDTA GDC No. 120387

Raymond Wheeler MDTA GDC No. 126881

Open Monday - Friday

08:30am - 17:30pm

Out of Hours Denture Repair


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