Anti-Snoring Devices

Slim & low in profile, the MSi is designed with patient comfort and compliance in mind. It is also the only system with a dedicated protrusive bite registration tool (Bite Right) which eliminates the usual guesswork associated with wax bite provision.

  • MSi hook is extremely strong and all component parts can be replaced

  • Extremely strong and hard wearing - withstands heavy bruxism 

  • Provides an impressive amount of protrusive adjustment - 11mm

  • High level of comfort and patient compliance 

  • No plaque traps - all accessible parts 

  • Reliable first time fit, due to BiteRight jig and the large amount of adjustment 

  • Easy for patients to use and self-adjust - reduced need for extra appointments 


The Silensor cannot be used in the edentulous mouth. If the patient has partial dentures, each case must be assessed individually as to whether there are sufficient standing teeth to provide adequate retention. If it is not possible to make the Silensor, we can make the fused snore guard instead.


The Silensor will not be effective in cases of myofacial disfunction, TMJ disfunctions, arthropathy of the TMJ or advanced periodontal condition.


The Silensor is fully adjustable, and the connectors come in different lengths. Each Silensor is sent back to the dentist with a card containing spare parts. If the patient requires a different length connector, the dentist can change this, or the appliance can be sent back to us for adjustment.


The patient may experience some mild discomfort when they first wear the Silensor. This is mainly due to lymphatic fluid flowing to the TMJ. The fluid will be quickly absorbed and the discomfort will rapidly disappear.


If you suspect the patient has sleep apnoea, it is important to advise them to check with their GP, so that they may attend a sleep clinic. If the patient has Hypopnea or Obstructive sleep apnoea, this should be investigated thoroughly at a sleep clinic, as both conditions are serious, causing the patient to stop breathing for short periods.

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