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We are officially able to accept all Carestream digital impressions.

If you wish to connect, please find instructions below.


As an Carestream Connect partner, we are able to manufacture complete restorative work, a range of different splints, clear aligners for discreet orthodontic treatment, crown and bridge work, as well as many other appliances.

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connect to bdl

via carestream connect

  • Under Labs, find “add preferred lab”.

  • Search for 'Bridge Dental Laboratory' under labs.

  • Connect


If we are unavailable, please call Carestream directly and add 'Bridge Dental Laboratory' as a preferred lab.

upload to bdl via carestream

  • For this scanner, ensure you purchase the package that allows the exportation of STL files.  If you don’t have this version, you will not be able to export STL files.

  • Once you have this ability, it’s very simple. 

  • 1. Just save the two .STL files (upper and lower scan) onto your desktop with the arches oriented in occlusion. 

  • We only require the upper and lower arch scans because the positional data from the occlusal scan is embedded in the upper and lower files themselves. We know that some scanners generate three files, but since all the pertinent positional data is included in just the two, we don't need the third.

  • 2. When you get to the step of submitting a case asking for PVS impression or scans, simply upload the files by clicking and dragging into the appropriate box indicated.

For assistance please call 01202 486113 or email

01202 486113

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