Crown and Bridge

Our expert crown and bridge technicians have over 40 years experience in fixed restorations and cosmetic dentistry.

Our ethos is to produce high quality aesthetic restorations at a competitive price.


We understand that every dentist has individual preferences and we believe that communication is a vital component in producing superior dental appliances. We encourage and welcome our clients to visit us at the laboratory or call us to discuss individual cases.

We believe that choosing high grade materials is essential in producing consistent, high quality work and so we have invested in Ivoclar e.max® Press and Cercon CADCAM systems, with Argen bonding alloys, veneered with Ivoclar Inline Porcelain.


We offer a range of e.max® press restorations, including veneers, inlays, onlays, full crowns, and short span bridges - up to 3 units. The e.max® pressable ingots are available in Vita shades A-D and in 4 bleach shades and are presented in a range of opacities.


E.max® restorations are therefore ideal for cases with cast post and core or devitalised preparations. The pressed e.max® is finished by either characterisation using a staining technique or by layering with e.max® ceramic porcelain.

Despite the huge leaps that have been made in the technology of metal free restorations, we know there is still a place for traditional metal crowns and bridges. We offer a full range of bonded restorations in precious and non-precious bonding alloys.

Having extensive knowledge and experience in producing whitening/fluoride appliances, we are aware that the increasing popularity of this treatment means there is a greater demand for bleach shade restorations and we are proud to be able to offer this option to our clients.

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