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Crown and Bridge


  • Zirconia crowns are highly biocompatible, as the smooth surface helps to reduce plaque accumulation. Zirconia crowns are extremely durable. The Aesthetic layers on zirconia are excellent.

  • Zirconia is suitable for patients with metal allergies or who would prefer to have metal-free restorations.

  • Using computer-aided design and manufacturing processes provide patients with a precise fit.

  • Zirconia crowns are comfortable for patients, as they do not transmit hot and cold in the same way as conventional PFMs.

Emax Crown


  • E-MAX crowns are made from lithium disilicated, a material that has been harvested for its translucent colour and durability. As a result, you will get a crown that is tough and durable, that can be matched to look exactly like your other teeth.

Non Precious

Our alloy is Nickel and Beryllium free

  • They provide great strength. 

  • Are resistant to wear. 

  • Corrosion-resistant.

  • Require relatively less amount of healthy tooth structure to be removed.

Gold Crown


  • Gold crowns (and metal ones in general) are very strong and can be expected to withstand even the heaviest biting and chewing forces well.​
  • They will not chip .

  • Fit is effected by good impression/scan

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