Denture Repairs

If you have broken or cracked your denture then our repair service is a quick and easy way to get your denture back to its former glory.

  • We offer a 1 hour repair service so you aren't without your teeth for very long.

  •  We will tac your dentures together before commencing your repair in order to ensure the correct fit.

  • We now offer a collection service within a 2 mile radius for patients who are unable to visit the laboratory.

  • All repairs are fixed with acrylic, we cut away the damaged area and add in new material to ensure a strong repair.

If you denture has broken at the weekend, don't stress we can do out of hours denture repairs. Call us on 07307858772

01202 486113

Company Registration No

Daryl Wheeler MDTA GDC No. 120387

Raymond Wheeler MDTA GDC No. 126881

Open Monday - Friday

08:30am - 17:30pm

Out of Hours Denture Repair


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