Appliance FAQ

How long should my appliance last?

Gumshields/Mouthguards 3-6 months Soft, Softhard nightguards 1-3 months Essix Retainers 1-3 months Hard Nightguards 3-6 months SnoreGaurds / Silensor devices 6 months Gingiva Masks 6 months Bleaching Trays 1-3 months Ortho Appliances 6 months Dentures 12 months Denture repairs or additions are not provided with a warranty. If during the appropriate warrenty period, a claim is made that the goods have become exhuasted, we will assess thier condition and if required re-make the goods.

What happens if the appliance doesn't fit?

If the appliance doesn't fit in most cases it will be because of the original impression. The best thing to do is give us a call so we can discuss the case and get a rough idea of the situation. If we have asked for you to send the job back to us it is important that we receive the model, appliance and a new impression for us the see if that is where the issue stems from.

Struggling to get an accurate impression due to patient gagging?

There are a couple of ways you can take a more accurate impression for patient with a high gag reflex.

The first would be to load the alginate/putty anteriorly ensuring there is enough to get sufficient sulcus depth, push up anteriorly and allow the alginate/putty to flow round the tray before pressing up posteriorly.

The next method is to use a lower tray for an upper impression. This is normally the most effective as it reduces the amount of putty in the palate.

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