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We are officially able to accept all iTero digital impressions.

If you wish to connect, please find instructions below.


As an iTero Lab Partner, we are able to manufacture complete restorative work, a range of different splints, clear aligners for discreet orthodontic treatment, crown and bridge work, as well as many other appliances.

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connect to bdl

via itero

  • Under iTero scanners tabs find “add preferred lab”.

  • Search for 'Bridge Dental Laboratory' under labs.

  • Connect


If we are unavailable, please call iTero directly and add 'Bridge Dental Laboratory' as a preferred lab.

Submit to bdl

via itero

  • An iTero user wanting to transmit orthodontic .STL files for their models with an iTero, must either have an annual subscription which includes their service plan and updates, or pay per case submitted. In order to do this, your iTero must include the "orthodontic" module instead of, or in addition to, the "restorative" module. 

  • If you do not have the "orthodontic" module you will need to upgrade by contacting iTero support. Give them your iTero model number and installed "restorative" module information. You may also want to consider getting either a subscription or fee per case agreement (if you do not already have one), which will allow you to store and send .STL files to ClearCorrect, or any other lab.

  • If you fall into the below categories and are experiencing issues with the instructions provided, we have some additional suggestions you can follow.

  • 1. If you have very OLD iTero software

  • If you have old or outdated software, you can go to the following link which may be helpful:

  • 2. If you have the iTero Restorative scanner.

  • If your scanner does not support scanning in iRecord mode, or if you have updated your software and are still having difficulties, additional steps may need to be taken for STL file export. Please visit the iTero training center for additional information based on your specific system:

  • oOo

  • With the iTero ClearCorrect cases are saved as a STL file to your desktop.  We suggest creating a desktop folder named “exported scans”, or something similar. You will then upload the scans directly via ClearComm when submitting the case.

  • Here is the procedure:

  • Before starting to scan the patient, make sure you choose the option “iCast” or “iRecord”.  This is important because if you choose the “Invisalign” option, you will not be able to export these files to ClearCorrect.  

  • Click on iTero Orthodontic.

  • Select case type as iRecord.

  • Once you have scanned both arches and the bite, the information is stored in ""

  • Log into "".  This will take you to the orders page where your scans are. 

  • On the top left there is a box under Quick Search. Select the drop down menu to the option patient name. Type the patient name in and they will come up under Orders. Click on their ID # in blue and this will take you to the order information page.

  • Click on "Export" (OrthoCAD 3.5 or higher).  An internet explorer box will pop up, click “allow”.

  • Now a study model will pop up and a box that says “OrthoCAD Export”.

  • Export type:  Choose the “Open Shell” option.

  • Data Format: Choose “Two files" (arches oriented in occlusion).

  • Folder Name: Change the number to the last name of your patient. 

  • Once you hit export and click "ok" a window opens up with 8-9 files in it. The 1st two files are in the .stl format that we use. The first one has a "l" for lower and the second "u" for upper and both are designated with a golden certificate. Those are the 2 files we upload/drag into Clear Comm. 

  • For those with an upgraded operating system, try this:

  • Once you hit export, a window should pop up that says “model data was exported to c:cadent/export/(patients last name)”.           

  • Log into the Doctor's Portal and go through the regular steps of submitting a case.  Once you’re on the page that asks for impressions or scans, choose the option “iTero” and then browse and go to the local disk C or the file you create for exported scans.  

For assistance please call 01202 486113 or email

01202 486113

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