Our soft nightguards are made of latex and BPA free material and are primarily designed for bite raising, to alleviate headaches, and to prevent bruxism.

The standard thickness of our soft nightguards is 2mm, however we are able to alter the thickness to suit your patients' requirements.

We cut our soft nightguards along the gingiva, but if you would prefer us to scallop them please request this on the prescription form.




Our hard nightguards are predominantly used where a patient might require a harder material than a soft nightguard.

We also make Michigan splints, Gelb splints, Tanner appliances, and our very own Dar-Al appliances, which are all similar to the sleep clench inhibitor or NTS-Tss.

This is extended across the anterior region, therefore lessening the possibility of accidental swallowing.

Heat cured nightguards are also available.

Soft Hard

The appliance consists of a soft inner and a hard outer. We use the highest quality soft material to provide a comfortable fitting surface and use a thinner hard outer material to increase durability.


Also available in double thickness on request. Double thickness is made from Erkoloc material.

B - Splint

A B - splint is used to eliminate occlusal interference, allowing the lateral pterygoid muscles to release and the joints to seat fully in centric relation. This enables contact in only the anterior region, shutting down the elevator muscle activity for patients with bruxism.


The DAR-AL appliance is an anterior bite stop, which is used for the prevention and treatment of bruxism, temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), tension-type headaches, and migraine.

For more information feel free to get in touch and one of our experienced technicians will answer any questions that you may have.

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