Acrylic Dentures

Our prosthetics department offers private and independent dentures made to include Vivadent teeth. The team is here to help with any prosthetics questions you may have.

(Only available direct to dental practice)


Chrome Colbalt

We manufacture well fitting, strong yet light full and partial denture castings, using the very best materials available such as Vitallium 2000+, combined with highly stable Dentaurum investments. Our processes have been finely tuned to enable us to achieve consistent high quality results.

(Only available direct to dental practice)


Additions & Relines

We are able to offer additions and relines to your patient's existing dentures.

(Only available direct to dental practice)


Denture Repairs

We offer a 1 hour express denture repair service for all local customers. Postal repairs will be done and sent back out the same day we receive them to ensure your patient is not with out their denture for an extended period of time.