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Essix retainers

For our Essix retainers we use the highly popular, highly successful Essix Plus material which is very strong, has an aesthetic finish and is nearly invisible when worn.


Claiming to be 51% more wear resistant than its competitors and twice as durable, Essix Plus is our clients preferred choice.

Our retainers are made straight cut across the gingiva, but we are happy to trim them further up the tooth or to follow the margins at your requests. 


Should you require a more hard wearing, stronger retainer, we recommend Zendura material.

 We have found this material to be more suitable for bruxists.

Zendura also has increased stain resistance.

Zendura FLX

Seating Jig

Zendura FLX combines an inner shell to firmly grip teeth and an outer shell to provide a tough barrier against bruxing or grinding from the opposing dental arch. The dual-shell structure provides precise fit and strength.While a third, central layer provides elastic rebound…the real magic of Zendura FLX.

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A seating jig is a useful aid in positioning lingual wires. The acrylic blocks hold the wire in position whilst it is attached to the teeth. Once in place the blocks can be cut away.

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