What is Bruxism?

Bruxism describes a range of related behaviours including teeth grinding, gnashing and clenching of the jaw. Bruxism is usually a subconscious behaviour performed during sleep.



If you suffer from any existing sleep disorder such as snoring, breathing pauses during sleep and obstructive sleep apnoea 


Lifestyle Factors such as the use of psychoactive substances (tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, or medications for sleep, depression, and anxiety) other cause can be because of Stress, Anxiety & other Psychological Components.




There are many great treatments for Bruxism. The best starting point for ant patient s our 2mm soft nightguard. This is the most tolerable for the patient and will get them used to wearing an appliance during the night.



Our soft nightguards start at 2mm thick as standard but are also available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. They are a great starting point for all bruxism patients. The 2mm nightguard is the most used and tolerable by most patients. 



Our soft/hard nightguards are a great stepping stone for patients with a more severe case of bruxism. They are made of a soft inner lining and hard outer surface.



'Michigan' and 'Tanner' splints are used for the treatment of dysfunction of the'TMJ', muscle, control 'Bruxism' and 'Parafunctional' habits. Our hard nightguards are pressure formed for superior fit and durability.


The DAR - AL appliance is for the treatment of migraine pain and associated tension headaches. By reducing muscle contraction intensity during parafunctional activity, the DAR - AL minimizes tooth wear, reduces joint strain and disc load and decreases muscle tension leading to fewer migraines and morning headaches.


The device aims to reduce muscle hyperactivity, in turn reducing symptoms associated with clenching and grinding. The device is very thin and very comfortable for the patient

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