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Our soft nightguards are made of a latex free and BPA free material. As standard they are made from a 2mm thick material, the thickness and finish can be adjusted to meet your patient's requirements.

This appliance is a great starting point for any patient showing signs of bruxism as it is easy to tolerate resulting in great patient compliance.

Soft Nightguard

For extra protection against the forces of bruxism, we offer our softhard nightguard (dual laminate). They are made from the highest quality 2mm soft material to provide a comfortable fitting surface for the patient, and an added durable 1mm hard layer to the bite surface to increase durability. Again, this appliance can be scalloped or finished in any way you require. We can also offer a variety of colours.

Softhard Nightguard

Made of a 1mm soft layer and a 2mm hard outer layer, our extra thickness softhard nightguards are ideal for patients who require more durability due to excessive grinding but like the soft inner surface. We can also add acrylic to the surface of this appliance to allow for occlusal adjustment, balancing and bite raising. Available in clear and blue.

Extra Thickness Softhard Nightguard

Our hard nightguards (commonly known as Michigan or Tanner) cover the biting surface of the teeth. While doing this, the design ensures that there is even contact when the teeth come together. This prevents pressure build-up and can help stop jaw pain, headaches and other symptoms associated with Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). We have created a process that virtually eliminates the need for metal clasping in most cases.

Hard Nightguard (Michigan/Tanner)

Our B-Splints are an anterior midpoint contact permissive splints that is available for the upper arch (can be made on the lower if required). Sometimes referred to as a muscle deprogrammer, it is useful for quick harmonisation of muscular disorders to reduce parafunctional intensity of the temporalis, masseters and the lateral pterygoids - eliminating posterior and canine contact.


The DAR-AL appliance is an appliance designed within the laboratory. It is designed to stop jaw clenching and grinding, allowing the jaw muscles to relax and fall into a more natural position. This alleviates the stress on the TMJ and helps to relieve headaches and migraine pain. It is similar to an NTI but has increased retention due to the added coverage.


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