We are able to accept digital impressions from all oral scanners.

If you have a case that requires digital support, upload it by clicking 'Upload File' button below.

Please read through our list of digital services available to order.

For more info, please call 01202 486113 or email scan@bridgedentallab.com

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Move teeth into procedural proposed positions to achieve desired smile. A discreet way to align teeth without invasive orthodontic treatment. For more information visit WEALIGN website by clicking the button below or call us on 01202 486113




Simple bracket bonding trays to save vast amounts of time in chair. Lead more predictable results with 




High Quality finish study models, Options for Articulation & Die Segmentation.




Surgical guides can increase the predictability of dental implant treatment outcomes

A dilemma faced by every implant clinician is the choice to place implants freehand or with the aid of a surgical guide. With good technique, the use of surgical guides can be a confidence-building and predictable method for implant placement. 

Digital Study


View your patient's dentition by interactive model 3D, or by PDF containing images & data

Patient Data Archiving

One small payment means all your future jobs are kept on record for 5 years. No model charge for all archive reprints.


Meaning if a patient looses their appliance, we can create it again with no model charge included.

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