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Connect Your Scanner!

Connect your scanner to one of our inboxes and recieve £20.00 off your first appliance. Use code FIRSTSCAN on your scan notes.


Bridge Dental Laboratory is committed to implementing the latest digital systems and software into our daily workflows. We take pride in staying ahead of the market so that we can provide our clients with the most accurate and precise dental products available. Our innovative team works tirelessly to bring you the best possible dental products and services.

No Digital Model Charge

We're proud to offer free 3D model printing with all appliance orders submitted digitally to support dentists that have intra-oral scanners, and those looking to make the switch to digital.

Easy Re-ordering

Save chair time when a patient loses their appliance! All scans are stored via our cloud software and also stored externally. This can be especially effective for those in orthodontic treatment or retention.

Fast Turnaround

All scans are recieved the same day they are sent to us which reduces the potental delays you may get with with postal services.

We also offer express services which further improve our already fast turnaround.

Eco Resin

We are proud to offer digital cases made from eco resin. This plant-based material is a sustainable alternative to traditional resin and offers the same high-quality results. So, go ahead and make the switch to our eco resin digital cases today!

Go Digital With BDL

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