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Please follow these instructions:

  • Ensure your scan file/s are in .stl or .OBJ format only

  • Fill out all the required fields

  • Give us as much information about this case along with your required return date.

  • If we have any issues with the scan we will be in touch to discuss the case.

  • If you would like a confirmation of your scan beign receieved, you can either

  • call 01202 486113

  • Whatsapp 07307 858772

  • Email

Please send any gold service scans before 11am so we can ensure your appliance will be back with you the following day.

If you need anymore help or would like to speak to the digital team don't hesitate to get in touch!

Why not connect your scanner?

Connect your scanner to one of our inboxes to make sending us a scan even easier?

We have inboxes for iTero, Trios, Sirona, Medit and Carestram.

Find out how to connect by clicking the button below

How to send us a scan