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Orthodontic Appliances

essix retainer


Engineered for performance, Essix PLUS Plastic combines the clarity your patients expect with the durability you can stand behind. When it comes to meeting the needs of practice and patients alike, Essix PLUS Plastic is the clear choice in retention.

Zendura retainer

Zendura A

Zendura A is made of a high-performing rigid engineering resin with superior stress retention and crack resistance properties. In addition to being tough and durable, this material performs exceptionally well in aligning patients’ teeth. Its other significant benefits include superior chemical stain resistance and clarity.

Zendura FLX

Zendura FLX

Zendura FLX combines an inner shell to firmly grip teeth and an outer shell to provide a tough barrier against bruxing or grinding from the opposing dental arch. The dual-shell structure provides precise fit and strength. While a third, central layer provides elastic rebound…the real magic of Zendura FLX

Lingual Wire Jig

Seating Jig

A seating jig is a useful aid in positioning lingual wires. The acrylic blocks hold the wire in position whilst it is attached to the teeth. Once in place the blocks can be cut away.

Clear Aligners


We provide professionally manufactured clear aligners made here in the UK. Our aim is to review each individual case with care, to align your patient’s teeth safely and to offer the best possible price.

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