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The Silensor-Sl consists of one splint for the upper jaw and one splint for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is either held in a predetermined or advanced position by two connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint. The Silensor-Sl counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. As the velocity of the air decreases so do the noise-generating vibrations of the soft tissues. The Silensor-SL allows jaw movements so it is comfortable to wear, but prevents the lower jaw from falling back which creates an effective snoreguard.



  • Improved patient comfort

  • Proven effectiveness in treating the symptoms of OSA completely

  • Metal-free Easily adjustable


Slim & low in profile, the MSi is designed with patient comfort and compliance in mind.



  • The MSi hook is extremely strong and all component parts can be replaced

  • Extremely strong and hard-wearing - withstands heavy bruxism

  • Provides an impressive amount of protrusive adjustment - 11mm High level of comfort and patient compliance

  • No plaque traps - all accessible parts Reliable first time fit due to a large amount of adjustment

  • Easy for patients to use and self-adjust - reduced need for extra appointments

  • All parts are replaceable to ensure long life

  • Allows for normal breathing


Our fused snoreguard is a one-piece guard, which is non-adjustable. The appliance is set with the mandible in a protruded position to maintain the airway and prevent it from dropping back during sleep to obstruct the airway.



  • More cost-effective

  • Easy to clean

  • Great for partially edentulous patients

  • Durable due to lack of components


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