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Whitening trays

Bridge Dental Lab trays are, we feel, the best available for delivering optimum results with any bleaching regime. The trays create a super sealed margin at the gingival line.  With the combination of the specific tray rigidity and the super-sealed margin, we create the perfect barrier to keep saliva from entering into the tray. Which also reduces the amount of bleaching gel that can leak out on to soft tissue. 

The use of the reservoirs and the super-sealed margins, in our opinion, gives you the ultimate tray for achieving the best results for your patient.

As you can see by the image below, our supersealed trays have a more defined margin to create that seal in comparison to a standard bleaching tray. 

All of our whitening trays are scalloped with reservoirs as standard. To customise your trays simply add any notations that you have to the lab docket accompanying the impression.

We are proud to announce that we have recently become the official supplier of supersealed whitening for LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening. 


What differentiates LUMIWHITE from other brands? – Luxury.

The LUMIWHITE feeling is nothing short of extravagance and bliss. Is there anything better than whitening your teeth and feeling like a million bucks at the same time? (or shall we say, a million pounds? The product was developed by UK dentists after all). The packaging was designed with the patient in mind, there’s nothing that screams elegance more than soft-touch lamination and rose gold foiling!


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