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What is Best For Your Child a Custom Fit Mouth Guards or Boil and Bite

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Bridge dental lab is a family run business and we truly understand the worry and concern that every parent faces when their child begins playing contact sport. You are concerned for their safety but excited to see them participate. Schools and clubs will want to ensure their safety while they are participating and for this reason you will have to purchase a mouth guard and this is where it can turn into a small mind field for parents.

There are two options with mouth guards Boil and Bite or a custom fit Mouth Guard. Boil and Bite this is where you buy a mouth guard at a sports shop or chemist and fit it yourself at home. Boiling the mould in hot water and then your child biting down on it to form the mouth guard. The Second is a custom fit Mouth Guard commonly fitted by a dentist. We have put together a small list of the benefits of you getting your child a custom fit Mouth Guard.

Custom Fit Mouth Guards are more comfortable then the shop bought alternative. It is reported that your child is 60 times safer wearing a mouth guard than not.

Dental injury can be expensive to fix. The cost of a small chip can cost the best part of £100 to fix over three times the starting price of a custom fit mouth Guard. A custom fit guard will help absorb and spread the impact of a blow to the face, helping avoid jaw fractures and facial injuries, Although their benefits cannot be overlooked Custom fit Mouth Guards have been seen to be an expensive option. Typically these types of Mouth Guards are supplied by dentists and it can get costly. To see our full range of designs you can visit the store.


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